Looking Towards 2020

I can honestly say, that this last year of this decade, has been very trying and quite dreadful. I am grateful for the precious moments, there have definitely been some awe inspiring ones. My twins became teenagers! Alex hit a grand slam and two additional home runs in Cooperstown, N.Y. His team came in 5th place out of 64 teams. Noah has become such a strong, wise young man. My mother has moved into a home that is providing a lot of happiness for her, although it is more difficult for me, not to have her presence here. My brother has returned to my life. I am still missing others. Life’s journey is indeed bumpy! As we look to 2020, and not only a new year, but a brand new decade, I pray for all of us! I pray for our Country, for change and unity and love. I pray for health, and peace and hope. May each of us be directed to at lest one person who we can help. One animal, who needs us. One child.

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