I have a love for England, English people, English architecture, and Royal anything!

My entire life has been influenced by my beautiful British mother. I have learned to make a home, cozy, how to make cozy food, pretty gardens, ladylike behavior and dressing like a lady. I am definitely not the “ average” American, and that’s okay. I love where I was born, San Francisco. I love the freedom and openness that my San Francisco hippy influences have had, as well. Los Angeles was my home for the longest time. My dreams of wanting to be something that I could not, died there. A large part of myself also got lost at that time. I studied acting and singing from the time that I was 4 until 23. It’s traumatic to give up a dream. My love for entertaining and details are just as important, which is why I must try to write an Entertaining book for 2020. England will forever be my greatest influence. It lives in my heart, along with learning how to bake homemade tarts with jam and fresh berries, from my aunties and my grandma. I will never quite fit. I am in between two great Countries and two different faiths, and my life has some profoundly sad things in it, and many happy , beautiful ones.


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