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As ridiculous as it might sound, I am computer illiterate! I am embarrassed to admit, that I have attempted to post twice, since my last blog, and have been unsuccessful! Let's see if this one works. You see, I am at the odd age, where computers were just on the rise, when I attended Sarah Dix Hamlins School, in San Francisco. We had, one giant computer, in a closet, and we were allowed to go in, and play games on it, once a week. This was in 1977. Surround sound had just come about at the movies, and Star Wars was the most modern film, that had sound affects, like no others. I truly did not believe that any of us would ever have use for this enormous object, which seemed to do nothing of importance. When I got to Pepperdine University, in the 1980's, I took one elective computer class. I hated it. I was not doing well. It didn't make sense to this Theatre Arts Major, so I dropped it. Here I am, hiring a tutor, who will come over tomorrow, and teach me how to navigate this new venture of mine. My hope and dream, is to share the joy that I have shared with countless friends and acquaintances over my lifetime, of entertaining from your heart. Nothing brings me such joy, as to set an exquisite table, with perfectly colored linens and napkins, beautiful plates and glassware, and to create a breathtaking floral arrangement. Then, I love to plan the menu, make a list, cook and bake while listening to my favorite Sara Bareilles songs, or old ABBA songs. The joy of serving and partaking of wonderful, thoughtful get togethers, is a total feeling of accomplishment and contentment. As a mommy, a wife, a daughter, and a lover of everything beautiful and or Royal, I gain immense pleasure in sharing this gifting. Please take this journey with me, and follow me, as I teach about my gifting. Always remember to pick up a twig or two, to remember where you have been.


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