Cocktails for young and old and everyone in between

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved to have a cocktail! Not with alcohol, of course! My drink, was a Shirley Temple. I liked two cherries, thank you! I honestly did not develop a taste for alcoholic cocktails, until I was in my 30's. The beauty of a cocktail, is that it doesn't have to have alcohol. It simply has to look beautiful and taste delicious! I believe that the trick to this, is creating a refreshing, fresh, thirst quenching drink. Personally, my touch, is to always add a fresh fruit and a fresh herb. My preference, is also bubbles. As we enter this joyful holiday season, I would like to suggest that you create your own special cocktail. Above, is a bubbly $5.00 bottle of sparkling white wine, a touch of your favorite juice, freshly chopped fruit, and a nice touch, is to add fresh mint, fresh basil, or fresh lavender. Many flowers are edible, and that too, makes a beautiful statement. For the holiday season, pomegranate seeds are an exquisite addition, like tiny jewels. For the children, omit the sparkling wine, and add sparkling apple juice or sparkling water. Happy mixology! Cheers!


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