Christmas To Forget

This was the very best moment of our ill fated Christmas. We have a lot of changes going on, so for a different kind of Christmas, than we usually have, we decided to spend a few nights, as a family, in a favorite hotel. So, Ron, the boys, our dogs, a little Christmas tree, the gifts, and all of my medications from the previous night at the ER, made it about an hour South. my husband proceeded to come down with the flu, I was zonked out on pain medicine, for a bladder infection, that had grown worse over the week that we didn’t have the diagnosis from the culture back. My pain level was at a 10. So, our boys went off on their own. They are 13, and enjoyed the jacuzzi, ice skating and Santa. We ordered DoorDash and tried to keep it down. I encountered an anxiety attack, late at night. My mother, over the phone, prayed me through it. We didn’t know if one of us could manage to drive home today! We were supposed to stay another night. There was no point, as we couldn’t make it out of the room! Home we are. I just listened to my wonderful Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas Speech. It was beautifully inspirational. Happy Christmas to all! Stay well!


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