Blessings On This Christmas Eve and Happy 3rd Night Of Hanukkah

Good Morning! It’s Christmas Eve, and it’s the 3rd night of Chanukah. I spent half of my day, yesterday, in the emergency room. I have three infections and severe pain. I am writing this, half asleep, on pain medicine. My husband is sick, and has to go into work today. However, we have so much to be grateful for! My mother is with us, helping me, we are so blessed to have gifts wrapped, for our children. One of my dogs is on my lap, snoring, and I am sitting here, in front of my beautiful Christmas Tree, enjoying a cold morning, with a cup of my favorite Earl Grey Tea. I started this blog, with the hope and the dream, to create an Entertaining Book, as Martha Stewart did, in the 1980’s, and one day, to have a show on television, sharing my entertaining ideas and recipes. I am terrible at making videos of myself! I am terrible at the know-how of Social Media. My dreams and aspirations are in God’s hands. Thank you, to those of you, following this journey. I wish each and ever one of you, a truly meaningful holiday. However you celebrate, whatever you believe, may you know happiness and peace today.

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