A Funny Thing Happened today!

The boys and Ashley and I had a nice day visiting

Buckingham Palace and the amazing Queen’s gallery gift shop, where I had way too much fun! The teens visited The Tower Of London, and shopped at Uniqlo. I was in heaven, visiting Fortnum and Mason. We were starving by dinner time. It had begun to rain. It was dark and cold, and we were carrying several packages. I stopped to ask the porter at The Ritz Carlton, where we could go to eat fish? He suggested Wilton’s, just around the corner. We entered a lovely, Very British restaurant. The lady who greeted us, asked if she could take our coats. Then, she asked Alex if she could take his hoodie, and did he have long sleeves on? I knew that we were in over our heads, but it was too late to turn back. Alex had brand new ripped jeans on, Noah had a brand new beanie on his head, which was also confiscated! Needless to say, we had mistakenly entered one of the most upper crust British restaurants in London! We all ordered the least expensive entree on the menu, salmon. Everything was a la carte, of course! The veggies and potatoes were all extra. i am sure that the staff was thinking “those dreadful Americans”. Thank God that Harry married one of us! As we were leaving, I noticed letters, framed, on their wall, from His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, the future King of England, as well as two other Monarchs. We chocked it up to a truly “”British” experience.


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