A Fabulous Lebanese Luncheon, by Chef Sabine!

My dear friend Alice, celebrated her birthday this year, by having the lovely Chef Sabine, create the most delicious Lebanese luncheon! Each and every dish, was so delectable. We all participated in the preparation. The menu was a mezze platter. This is a platter designed to be eaten with pieces of pita bread and pita chips. Every dish was made with the freshest ingredients and spices. Below, are photos. We made hummus (chickpeas, tahini, garlic), babaghanoush (Smokey eggplant, grilled and mashed with garlic and tahini), tabouli salad (tomato, spring onion, lemon juice, parsley and cracked wheat). Tiny diced potatoes, baked to perfection, with spices. A delicious creamy homemade yogurt type of spread, lovely and tart, and a baked cheese that has toasted sesame seeds on top. For dessert, a creamy orange blossom ice cream, with fresh mint and a blueberry biscuit. Turkish coffee, ended our perfect meal! The spices, zhatar, cumin, allspice, sumac, and turmeric, truly complimented each dish, in a unique and beautiful way, that is heavenly to the palate! Thank you to Chef Sabine, for a day that I will always remember!


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